Dear Potential Ambassador,

Thank you for your interest and a warm welcome to the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute Ambassador program. If you are in the wine, spirits or marketing industry and looking to expand your service horizons the Ambassador program is aimed at you. Or perhaps you may be a wine professional, aficionado or student. Investing in your education is costly and this is an opportunity where you can learn and earn at the same time.

We are looking for organizations involved within the wine, spirit or marketing industry and exceptionally talented individuals who want to be a part of the APWASI world wide phenomena, where there are no boundaries to your success. If, you possess the “Can do it Now” strength and character, and you consider yourself reliable and dependable then you must seriously consider the Ambassador Program for you.

The Ambassador’s role is to market the APWASI courses across the globe within the guidelines of the Institute. The program can offer up to 40% referral marketing fees per referral, yes you did read correctly, that is up to 40% per referral which we know is exceptional. There are several important steps to becoming an Ambassador and they are:

The 6 Step Ambassador Program:

  1. An application form must be submitted online and reviewed by the Institute.
  2. If you are approved, then you will be contacted to arrange a suitable time where you will be given a presentation about the program.
  3. After the presentation there may be questions and we would be happy to answer them for you. Once all your queries are answered to your satisfaction and you wish to proceed to becoming an Ambassador, then our legal department will arrange the paperwork.
  4. After the administrative and legal affairs are completed, you will now undergo training as to what an Ambassador’s role is all about and how you conduct the marketing aspect.
  5. The Institute will set up a webpage for you if required, provide marketing material for you and give you the guidelines of the Institute.
  6. The final step is to congratulate you, after you successfully pass your orientation period and presentation.

The Institute believes as individuals, we should take the time to learn more about other cultures, people and life, so together, we can all make this world of ours a more compassionate, caring and peaceful world for all. If you believe in these same values then join us now and we welcome you.