Our Mission

The Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute is committed to promoting, expanding, and developing a greater consciousness about global awareness, diversity, and inclusivity in our lives. Countries, communities and individuals will be encouraged to develop a broader and wider understanding of these principles. Understanding is gained through cultural interaction, experience, and adventure. Thereby, stimulating greater appreciation of the historical, geographical, social norms, stories, legends, food, wine, and cultural values of each different country in the different continents.

Our Vision

For too long there has been exclusion; for too long there has been segregation, based, on color, creed and gender; for too long the barriers to entry, for rewarding careers, and unimpeded opportunities have been denied because cultural awareness, diversity and inclusivity has been overshadowed by ignorance and a continued sense of entitlement based on unconvincing values and obstinance. APWASI’s vision is to promote an inclusive culture of acceptance and understanding of people based on values embracing global cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusivity.

Our Purpose

There is a three-pronged perspective:

  1. To be financially self-reliant and not heavily dependent on donors and funding through our activities.
  2. To assist our fellow non-profit organizations where possible through our activities.
  3. To ensure our activities can allow us to promote and expand our mission, vision, and goals of greater diversity, cultural awareness, and inclusivity in our lives.