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We know these are trying times with a lot of people isolated. We’re cutting all our prices to the bone to try and do our part. These prices and gifts are only available for a limited time.

All Course Enrollments come with:

  • FREE APWASI Tasting Mat
  • FREE APWASI Virtual Wine Assistant for Wine/Food Pairing
  • FREE Seven Noble Grapes E-Magazine

FREE 6-Month Access to Quini

FREE 1-Year Subscription to Wine Spectator Magazine!


Welcome to the fully digital online wine learning experience. Our online wine education is accessible for you at anywhere and at any time.


Our online wine courses are designed with you in mind, focused on how the content you learn can be applied in the real world, in the wine industry. So whether, you are a wine professional, wine connoisseur, or just curious about wine, this knowledge will guide you into a great wine journey.


Our online wine courses generally take 19-25 hours to complete at your own self pace. Upon completion, you will receive a designation and certification that is globally recognized.

Do I Need Experience?

No prior experience is needed to study our online wine courses. Our wine courses are designed to guide you through from the basics to becoming a Wine Expert in a matter of weeks.

What Will You Learn?

APWASI Wine education re-defines your way of learning about wines. Through learning about the history, culture and geography of wines, you will become a more-rounded student as you gain more in-depth knowledge.

Adopting the APWASI Learning Cycle (ALC)

The APWASI Online Wine Courses prepares you to face the future on a digital platform. The APWASI ALC opens a full learning system to you:

  • Beginning with the online wine and spirit education of your choice.
  • Exciting extra on-line features through our strategic partners giving you the full picture of study, research and career prospecting.
  • Finally, you can register with a recruitment company who will assist you in finding a new career or position in line with your skills and experience.

Face your new career and future brimming with confidence and hope. We are proud of you and stand with you.

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Enroll and study any online wine, spirit or luxury course with APWASI, whenever you want and wherever you want, 24/7/365. There are no limitations to your success.

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You have the option to learn a new language online that corresponds with the course you are taking. Example, you are studying the Italian wine course you may wish to learn how to speak Italian. Learn through our strategic partner, Rosetta Stone Language online courses. Prices are discounted for you.

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In addition, all APWASI course enrollments give you a 6-month complimentary subscription to the QUINI SOMMTM wine tasting event management, staff training and digital wine list publishing software. This advanced wine program automation platform enables you to record, access, publish and share all your wine tasting notes to improve workplace staff training and efficiency, and assist customers in finding the right wine, in seconds. No more loose pieces of paper and printed wine lists.

Value: $780 USD

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Plus, as an APWASI student you can access the following complimentary online:
FREE APWASI Virtual Wine Assistant for Wine/Food Pairing
FREE Seven Noble Grapes E-Magazine


You can also use Latina Wine, an app created by wine critic and journalist Florent Michel specializing in Latin American wine.

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And there is more, APWASI has a strategic alliance with Jancis Robinson so, as an APWASI student, you are able to enjoy a 23% discount on her reference material at

Jancis Robinson
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Yes, there are more advantages being an enrolled APWASI student, you receive a complimentary one-year online subscription to the prestigious Wine Spectator Magazine with whom APWASI has a strategic alliance.


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APWASI has affiliations with several placement experts. You can register with a recruitment agency on-line at any time you wish to do so. They can then begin searching the best possible path for you so you can have an exciting new career and future.


For almost five decades Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants has been a world leader is hospitality executive search – International and independent hotel companies, restaurants, food service companies, cruise lines, casinos and applicants alike.

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Discover Online Wine and Spirit Courses

The APWASI Online Wine Courses provides you with education, practical training and a certification that is recognized globally.

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The APWASI online wine and spirit courses are curated and developed by Dr. Clinton Lee, who is an international wine lecturer, wine writer and critic who has delivered lectures to a wide body of audiences ranging from professional bodies to wine aficionados. Dr. Lee has travelled to all the major wine regions of the world and infuses his wine knowledge with his Doctoral knowledge, which was based on Cultural Diversity and organizational culture. Using both specialized knowledge streams he effectively projects them as a bridge to explore other cultures.

Dr. Clinton Lee - Executive Director of APWASI Online Wine and Spirit Courses

Priority Rebound Training

APWASI is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, Canada dedicated to providing wine and spirit education to hospitality professionals and connoisseurs.

Develop your expertise with instant access to our courses. All courses have multiple lessons, expansive video, quizzes and a final exam that allow you to get certified.

Our courses strive not only to give you the knowledge you need, but the cultural context and history that will allow you to be a true specialist.


Check out our latest blog entries. Also, feel free to ask questions of interest that we may feature here.

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In the second season of the “Wine Buzz Podcast,” hosted by Dr. Clinton Lee, the opening episode features an enthralling conversation with Sarah Heller, a Master of Wine whose expertise and experiences transcend the conventional boundaries of the wine industry. Sarah, born and raised in Hong Kong and now residing in the Pacific Northwest, brings […]

Study Techniques

Read through APWASI’s Suggested Study Techniques to ensure that your educational journey will be a successful one. 1. Understand online learning practices and expectations. The first thing you need to realize is that online courses are not an easier way to learn, but rather a more convenient one. To successfully learn online, you need to […]


Jeff Osborne is a Toronto-based sommelier and wine business professional.  With several years of restaurant and hotel food and beverage management experience across 4 countries Jeff found his true calling while studying WSET with Dr. Lee at Vinoscenti / BC Wine School in Vancouver.  Now based in Toronto and with a sommelier designation under his belt, Jeff works on the wine agency side focused on sales and distribution of premium wine to restaurants, hotels, and private customers while also finding time to occasionally sommelier on the side.

A recent highlight in Jeff’s career was being brought on to curate all the wine content for RC Show 2020, Canada’s largest hospitality trade show.  Jeff curated and executed a Sommelier Service competition judged by local master Sommeliers with a $3,000 prize for the champ, led a panel of 3 winemakers on the topic of organic, biodynamic and natural wine and orchestrated a 3 day “walk around tasting” inclusive of 18 wine agencies / wineries.  When not selling or talking about wine, Jeff and his partner Madi love eating and adventuring their way through major cities and off-the-beaten-track destinations.  Visit Jeff on Instagram at @jeffosborne_


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