APWASI has developed these courses based on the 5 C’s approach:






At APWASI we firmly believe we are living in an age of undefinable change on a scale and pace never seen before. But certain fundamentals like the 5 C’s prevail.

“Culture begets deeper understanding and clearly understood communication promotes goodwill and bonding which endorses credibility to the individual and expands that individual’s personal capacity which in itself then translates into a successful live-long career.”

This is our philosophy towards education, people and the globe at large and we share with you our mantra “Learning for the future.”.

Culture :

What is culture? It means many different things to different people in different countries. One unmistakable fact is education influences culture. Today, you are a witness watching the sunrise of a new knowledge horizon. A horizon that is seeing the shadows fall on a period when the pursuit of knowledge was quite soulless and localized.

We now live in a world where we carry immense knowledge in our smartphones, tablets and laptops. At a touch of a finger we have it all. It’s a globalized world, where international travel is greater than ever, allowing greater interaction amongst different cultures. We see new ideas, sift through untested concepts and hear so many foreign languages as we walk down the streets of major cities. Cultures are evolving right before our very eyes daily. The only constant in life is change. We are not only a product of such changes, but also the catalyst for change.

Our courses are designed to encourage the student to have a better perspective of the world of culture. Wine and spirits are internationally recognized as being symbols of culture. Understanding the culture of other people is vitally important because it allows us to develop as individuals to become more patient, caring, and understanding.

Wine and spirits have historically been the bridge that has joined different cultures together since the early days of brave explorers till now. Wine and spirits have accompanied milestones of our life.  For example, the birth of a child where parents buy a “pipe” of port from Portugal for distribution 20 years later for the child. Or perhaps a whisky on a New Year’s Eve day in Scotland, or to marriages where Sparkling wine signifies the new sparkle of a new life. Even the word Honeymoon has an association with wine. The original wine called mead was made from honey. The newly-weds would go away for a month until the new moon arrived and have this mead to drink during this period of absence. As it was made from honey, and the period they would be away was for a month, the word honeymoon came into our vocabulary.

Throughout all of our courses we know you will learn to appreciate the culture of many different counties, the people, and their environment. Your level of awareness will be heightened to make you more perceptive. Once you have completed the course, you will have a thorough understanding of the subject matter that enables you to communicate professionally and with confidence. Join us on this delightful journey of mystery, excitement and adventure that traverses across continents and through the centuries. We believe knowledge begets more understanding and begets a better person. We know you are a better person already.


It’s imperative that we can be understood, and understand others. With your new found knowledge, you can confidently describe, define, present, and answer questions on the topic you have just studied. The ability to communicate, and be understood, is a valuable and vital element in one’s career and life. The inability to be understood by others is often hampered by one’s lack of knowledge of the subject matter. Completing these courses successfully, you have unshackled the chains of any burden you may have carried before that were an impediment to your career through not understanding the subject. Knowledge is power!


When you demonstrate your astuteness and depth of knowledge to all, your presence will exude a firm and fiery confidence to all. It will be a natural consequence to seek you as the authority and the level and heights of your personal credibility can only rise. Our focus is definitively on you, not the institution of APWASI, as you are the living, walking and breathing proof of our credibility at APWASI. You will hold sway in any court or area where you may be tested and challenged. That’s our purpose to raise your credibility.


An essential and crucial component to the ladder of achievement is having the capacity to achieve. Upon successfully passing our courses, it is our opinion, your personal currency in the eyes of your peers and those in the industry will monetize inestimably. They will see the value in you and the opportunities, scope and breadth of your internal capacity to expand your personal horizons are capped only by you.


The world awaits your conquest. We are your tools of trade, your structure, the machinery that allows you to thunder ahead victoriously as you set your next achievement then the next and the next. Armed with a confidence that was born and weaned from knowledge you gained, we salute you and inspire you to gain even greater heights. We also encourage you to share with others, both students and people around you, your good and kind blessings and continue on the road of being a honourable and respectful person worthy of being called such.

These are the APWASI graduates we believe in. We seek graduates, who do not subscribe to the school of vacuous souls wishing to be armed with just mere knowledge. Neither do we seek graduates who possess no heart or personality wishing only the comprehension of subject and void of any character that can be admired. APWASI graduates gleam brilliance in every facet not only knowledge but humanity within as well.

We believe the principles of honour, respect and humanity lie within each and every one of you its up to you to take that first step.