We cannot ignore the power of the video and movies. They capture the heart mind and soul and within hours or even minutes we are transformed and we are taken to another land where adventure begins.

  • Red Obsession
  • Bottleshock
  • Somm
  • Somm 2
  • Sideways
  • A year in Champagne
  • Monodvino
  • Back to Burgundy

Online Videos We Recommend

One part food, one dash travel, one part finance and a large splash of wine, Wine Sense demystifies the world of wine and answers questions that some wine drinkers are just too shy to ask. Introducing you to passionate winemakers, talented chefs, and regional experts, Wine Sense takes the pretension out of wine appreciation, helping you discover that food pairing doesn’t have to be a tricky subject, that some wine rules are meant to be broken, and that sometimes it makes sense to spend a few dollars more … or less.


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