Become an APWASI Ambassador

Become an APWASI Ambassador

“Whether you are just learning about wine or an experienced enthusiast, all you need is a passion for wine and spirits, and an entrepreneurial spirit to start your rewarding career with APWASI.”

How it Works

The APWASI Ambassador Program is a new entrepreneurial platform that allows you to turn your passion for wine and spirits to earn an income. By marketing the APWASI online wine and spirit courses across the globe, you will help empower individuals with the practical skills and knowledge that they need to expand their horizons or further their career in the wine industry through APWASI’s online wine courses.

Make an Income

We offer an opportunity to anyone willing to join and earn up to 25% on all orders that are placed through your personal Ambassador code.

Launch and Grow Your Own Business

Whether you are already working in the wine, spirits or marketing industry, a wine professional, aficionado or student looking to expand your service horizons or income, APWASI will help you achieve your goals. The Ambassador Program is perfect for anyone who has a “can-do it” character and the program can fit into your busy life alongside an existing career.

How does it Work?

Once you join our team of independent Ambassadors, we will assist you with materials in setting up if necessary.

Education and Training

We can provide training to our Ambassadors about wines so it will be easy for you to get started quickly to launch your business.

Why Join?

We believe that everyone should take the time to learn more about other cultures, people and life, so together, we can all make this world of ours a more compassionate, caring and peaceful world for all. If this sounds like you, start your APWASI Ambassador Journey with us today.

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