About Our Certifications

What do I learn?

APWASI has developed these courses based on the 5 C’s approach:

  • 1.Culture
  • 2.Communication
  • 3.Credibility
  • 4.Capacity
  • 5.Career

At APWASI we firmly believe we are living in an age of undefinable change on a scale and pace never seen before. But certain fundamentals like the 5 C’s prevail.

“Culture begets deeper understanding and clearly understood communication promotes goodwill and bonding which endorses credibility to the individual and expands that individual’s personal capacity which in itself then translates into a successful live-long career.”

This is our philosophy towards education, people and the globe at large and we share with you our mantra “Learning for the future.”.

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These courses were created by the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute. Attaining knowledge is not only of deep value, but is also immeasurably pleasing to the participant. The recognition of such accomplished achievements are important for the purpose of self actualization and allowing colleagues and other industry professionals to recognize you as one. It vital that when others engage you, they know you have attained a level of proficiency in that specific field. You can attain APWASI Certified Wine Professional (Apwasi CWP) with specific speciality of your choice.

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