Luxury Courses

Luxury Courses

  • Caviar

    The number “00” has many meanings, for Mr. Bond it means “License to kill.” With Beluga caviar, it means medium gray color. Invest in yourself, discover the finer aspects of life, learn about caviar and develop your discerning taste. Take the next correct step and enroll.

  • Cigars

    There are those, that loudly claim to know but in reality, know nothing and then, there are those who really know. They are silent, calm and stunningly informed. Which one are you? Cigars demand to be known for their style, size, flavour and pairing. Are you a cognoscenti, if not that’s perfectly fine, learn and then become one of the those that do really know?

  • Foie gras

    Understand, absorb, learn the different styles of foie gras. Acquire knowledge how it is made, enjoyed and why the French have named “Foie Gras” as part of their cultural heritage. Does it have controversy, certainly. Learn and understand both sides and be more educated. Perfectly gratifying, savouring knowledge.

  • Truffles

    The trees gently sway to the romantic rhythm of the summer wind. Underneath the tree, a couple enjoy their truffles and sparkling wine. Fresh truffles are not available all year round, only at certain times like romance. Be a romantic and share the love of your caviar knowledge with others. See you on the course.