Spirit Courses

Spirit Courses

  • Brandy and Cognac

    Acquire the pragmatic skills to appreciate between the timeless classics of Brandy and Cognac, their magical flavor profiles, different styles and become a connoisseur. Start your course today.

  • Tequila

    The name tequila, still conjures up images of sun-soaked, cowboy hat wearing individuals drinking in inexpensive bars. The tequila of 2020 is stylish, powerfully elegant and sought after for its polished images by the sophisticated few. Learn not only the beauty of Mexico’s national spirit, but its rich culture and proud people. Bienvenido!

  • Whiskey

    It is called the “Water of Life” from the four corners of the world. Discover why you can find whisky in every decent bar, the makings, culture and especially how to drink whisky with purpose. Salainte to you.