Greeting & Business Etiquette Masterclass (Oct 18, 10AM-12PM)


Unlock the keys to professional success with Dr. Lee’s immersive etiquette masterclass, covering confident greetings to graceful dining. Limited seats available.

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Unlock Success with Etiquette That is Useful in Any Scenario

Join us on Oct 18 for this immersive masterclass, led by Dr. Lee, an expert in etiquette. Elevate your professionalism, boost your confidence, and open doors to new opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, these skills are the keys to your success.

What we will cover

Greet with Confidence: First impressions are crucial. Learn the art of confident greetings that set the tone for positive interactions. Discover the nuances of handshakes, introductions, and body language to make a lasting impact.

Business Etiquette: Master the nuances of business etiquette to project unwavering confidence, effortlessly navigate social dynamics, and open doors to unparalleled professional opportunities.


  • Introduction and the Global Edge
  • The Power of the Perfect Greeting
  • Elevate your business acumen

What You’ll Achieve 

By the end of this dynamic masterclass, you’ll:

  •  Command the art of unforgettable first impressions.
  •  Navigate corporate gatherings and meetings with polished finesse.
  •  Cultivate cross-cultural competence for international success.
  •  Elevate your career, influence, and professional brand.

Time and Date

We have 3 sessions available for you to choose from:

  • October 18 from 10AM-12PM
  • November 9 from 2PM-4PM
  • November 22 from 2PM-4PM

Only 8 seats per class, book yours now!



  • Terminal City Club (837 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1B6, Canada)



$55 USD

BONUS: a complimentary course on Wine Essentials 1 valued at $199 USD or the Wine & Dine Etiquette course valued at $150.

BONUS: Each participant will get a free 30 minute private etiquette consultation with Dr. Lee after the Masterclass.

Water and coffee is included with your ticket.

Enroll today and step confidently into your future.

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