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Known for its pristine and priceless beauty, but unknown for its charming deserts, and the world class wine community. The “True North” leads Icewine production globally and challenges the global wine makers with non-icewine products. The red and white wines are supremely of high quality and heritage. Come learn from this very detailed course and be surprised, we are so much more and before we forget, thank you Eey!

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2017 marks Canada’s 150th anniversary, a milestone that is a proud marker of this vast country’s achievements and accomplishments. Known more for polar ice caps, polar and grizzly bears, beaver and other stunning wildlife, Canadian wines are making their mark on the world.

While wine production touches most Canadian provinces, two main regions stand out as Canada’s foremost wine producing areas: the Niagara escarpment, in Ontario and, to the west, the Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia.

In Niagara, we see, stretched out in all directions, the unbridled beauty and auras of peace and serenity. The vastness of the area is matched only by the variety of different grapes grown in the region.

To the west, in British Columbia, we witness the yet unheralded gem of the Okanagan Valley. Nestled at the northern most tip of the Sonoma desert the Okanagan can be proud of its heritage and record. There are over 300 vineyards in this region producing world class wines. Tempered by the lakes surrounding this region, the vines are able to draw the best from nature. The varieties grown in this region are many and varied. And, though there are many wineries to visit, over 90% of the wine is produced by no more than four grand wineries.

We can not forget the crown jewel of Canadian wine. Learn all about the Icewine that Canada is so proud of. Hand-picked at a minimum temperature of -8c, this intricately made wine is like sunshine in a bottle.

Come discover wine from the land of the northern lights and pristine natural beauty.

With each course there is a recommended wine list that is indicative of the classic wines of this country. We strongly encourage you to try these wines during the course of your studies.