Wines of Italy


The world’s most currently visited country offers not only spellbinding scenery, delectable cuisine and enchanting wines. Their entire lifestyle from fashion, cars, homes and their predecessor’s magnificence gift of heritage gives Italy the truly La Dolce Vida. Be enchanted, know their appeal. Ciao see you on the course.

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This Online Wine of Italy Course is an intermediate level wine course that is designed for wine enthusiasts, connoisseur and industry professionals to learn the history, culture and practical knowledge about Italian wine.

What You Will Learn in the APWASI Online Wines of Italy Course

  • The History of Italian Wines
  • The Geography
  • The Styles of Italian Wines
  • Grape Varieties
  • Wine and Cuisine Pairings and Etiquette

We provide you with a list of Italian wines and pairings to try. We strongly encourage you to try these wines during the course of your studies.

Online Wine Course Structure

This is a self-paced course and should take approximately 19-25 hours including study time to complete.

There are quizzes at the end of each section and a Final exam at the end of the course.

Italian Online Wine Course Entry Requirements

Although there are no requirements to take the APWASI Italian Online Wine course, we recommend that you complete Wine Essentials 1 and Wine Essentials 2 (or equivalent, check out our Course Comparisons) before proceeding with this course. You must also be of legal drinking age in the country where you are attending the course if you will participate in the tasting of wines.

Upon completion, you will receive receive a APWASI Wines of Italy ACWS post nominal, an APWASI certificate.

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Preview of Online Wine Course of Italy

Romance, art and beauty are synonymous with this wondrously proud people. Descendants of Medici, Michelangelo, Galileo, Armani and the wine giants of Chianti, Sassicia and Barolo. The Romans set the stage and the Italians cultivated La Dolce Vita.

From Italy’s popular Prosecco , now outselling Champagne in 2015, to the wines of Soave and Valpolicella and Amarone, we are swept away in this tour de force of wine opulence. Wines that are singularly considered pieces or art and collectively a museum of civilization. Italy has it all, over 1200 grape varieties across the long length and broad breadth of this scenic country. We showcase from the North West Cortese, Nebiollo and Dolcetto to Sangiovese in Tuscany and Aligianico and Nero’D’Avola we are impressed with imperial names of grapes that Caesar himself tasted. Punctuated by the splendid flavours and sights of culinary excellence Italy cannot be exempt from one of the must do acts of self-indulgence in one’s lifetime.

Learning about Italian wines through legendary stories passed through the generations, through tales of self-sacrifice, songs of innocence and romance we embrace, we express fondness and ardour to wines filled with presence. Italy is a powerhouse of wines in the world and is only beginning to erupt like Mount Vesuvius onto the global wine world. Join us, and learn about the rich wine history and culture of one of the oldest wine-producing countries.

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