2.0 Sample Lesson 2 Quiz

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  1. Warmer temperatures result in higher sugar levels in grapes.1
  2. These soils retain water and stay cool.1
  3. Fertile loam is a perfect soil for growing wine grapes.1
  4. Soil type affects wine style.1
  5. Which is NOT a mountain range in France?1
  6. Which of the following is NOT a major wine region of France?1
  7. Why is Loam soil not good for growing wine grapes?1
  8. France has a varied climate and many different soils1
  9. France has three main wine climates. They are . . .1
  10. Where in the world is France?1
  11. Climate and weather are the same thing.1
  12. Silt soils retain heat and water.1
  13. Clay soils drain well and retain heat.1
  14. Sandy soils drain well and retain heat.1
  15. Approximately 2/3 of France is covered by mountains.1
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