4.0 Climate/Soil/Wine Regions Quiz

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  1. Which part of Portugal receives the most rainfall?1
  2. In what year did Vinho Verde DOC permit sparkling wines to be made in the region?1
  3. This area, Lisboa, faces an incredible element regarding vine growing. What is that element?1
  4. Maritime Climates regions have ..1
  5. Which one of these is a white grape varietal?1
  6. Which area is Portugal’s largest DOC?1
  7. sandy soil characteristics1
  8. How many main types of climate categories are there?1
  9. What is the height of mainland Portugal’s highest point?1
  10. Which one of these is not a DOC wine region in the Algarve?1
  11. Madeira is located on the mainland of Portugal.1
  12. Continental Climates characteristics are…1
  13. Portugal has what type of climate predominantly?1
  14. The Douro region produces what percentage of all wines produced in the country?1
  15. What type of soil mainly dominates the Douro valley?1
  16. The soils of the Dao are mainly..1
  17. Tavora-Varosa was the first demarcated region for what type of wines in Portugal?1
  18. The Azores have how many DOP regions?1
  19. Portugal has what type of climate predominantly?1
  20. Which one of these is not a sub-region of Tras-Os-Montes?1
  21. Baixo Corgo sub -region is located in which DOC in Portugal?1
  22. Most of Portugal’s rainfall occurs in which season??1
  23. How much of Portugal’s land is covered by forests?1
  24. How many wine regions are there in Portugal?1
  25. Mediterranean Climates have1
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