APWASI is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, Canada

Over the past decade, there has been an unprecedented rise in interest in both wine and spirits in the Asia region. This phenomena has resulted in an increased number of wine and spirit professionals worldwide looking to increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. These professionals are eagerly seeking more practical educational platforms to develop their personal knowledge base. The world in Asia is fast paced, highly competitive and time is a treasure that cannot be replicated nor bought. Education is the key to entering any new profession. What is less clear is the best, most efficient, methods for achieving those career goals, especially in Asia.

Colleagues from across the globe have been hugely encouraging in the creation of this non-profit educational organization. The wave of support has been broad has it has been in the depth of highly qualified wine and spirit professionals who felt there was a compelling need to address this educational need. It was identified that the current education styles available globally, are of the highest quality but there was still the need for an educational program specifically for the Asian market. It was required as a bridge to reach Asian wine and spirit professionals. For this reason, APWASI was established in 2015 by a group of wine and spirit educators, with the intention of satisfying the growing interest and need in Asia. Those involved in its creation range from wine-makers, biochemists, nutritionists, Masters of Wine, Sommeliers, distributors, wine and spirit retail companies, highly respected wine professionals, professors and university academics and enthusiasts. We are excited, and encouraged, to be the first to meet the needs of this emerging market.