Our goal with APWASI was clear from the start. Change is the unquestionable and absolute constant in our lives. On a global scale, there has been an explosive and dynamic growth in the use of online services. From ordering meals, purchases, to ticket purchasing and online education at universities and schools, except online wine and spirit education.

Online Wine and Spirit Education Wasn’t Readily Available

However, online wine and spirit education was lagging dangerously behind. Therefore, in 2015, after many months of preparation, research, the APWASI educational team began their journey to deliver online wine and education courses. As such, APWASI courses would bridge the huge gap that was growing between the practical needs of the career-seeker and the working world with those courses providing primarily book theory. 

A New Way of Learning

This project considers the needs of the new, technological savvy student, enthusiast and aficionado. With flexible, absorbing educational material, it is as engaging as the real-world. We utilize the tri-sensory methodology of audio, visual and tactile methodologies to enhance the experience. 

Only APWASI courses offer the new perspective of insights into the important and often less-mentioned cultural perspectives of countries producing wines and spirits. Cultural awareness, diversity and inclusiveness is international and seen in every facet through wine and spirits. How they came about, the why, the where, the what, the where and the whom are all considered and touched upon.

Upon completion of their studies, students will attain a deeper knowledge and feel a true sense of greater awareness of the world of wine and spirits. Not only do you learn the history, geography, food and wine pairing, a window is opened about the people. You become a part of this living and engaging industry and world.

This was our vision. Students globally would have the flexibility in learning not just about facts of the wine and spirit world. But also understand and embrace the people and their culture who comprise this magnificent world of wine and spirits. 

Our Mission

Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute (APWASI)’s mission is to promote cultural diversity through studying the history, people and culture of wines through online wine courses. We commit to developing a greater consciousness about global awareness, diversity, and inclusivity. Our goal is for each individual to develop a broader and wider understanding of these principles. Through cultural interaction, experience, and adventure, you will understand and gain appreciation of different cultures.

Our Vision

Through our online wine courses, APWASI’s vision is to promote an inclusive culture of acceptance and understanding of people based on values embracing global cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusivity. Our goal is to improve the opportunity for individuals to secure wine education.

Our Purpose

At APWASI’s core, we want to promote cultural diversity through wine education and as a result to:

  1. Provide online wine education globally without borders, to provide everyone who wishes to secure a wine education to have the opportunity.
  2. Assist our fellow non-profit organizations where possible through our activities.
  3. Ensure our activities can allow us to promote greater diversity, cultural awareness, and inclusivity in our lives.

About Dr. Lee

Dr. Clinton Lee is the founder of APWASI, and also a Wine and Etiquette Master. There is nothing that he enjoys more than learning from the tried and tested classical methods found in the hallowed hallways of institutions. What is remarkable though, is also his thirst for practical everyday knowledge, which others describe as “street smarts” or the essentials to a pragmatic life. His reservoir of knowledge is also drawn from conversations and interactions with people from all walks of life, their stories their experiences from people like you and I. He blends these two rivers of knowledge together seamlessly and the result is extraordinary. 

He has been a lecturer at the University of Simon Fraser teaching and developing the wine program there for the last five years. Dr. Lee has been hosted by the Wine Institute of Germany, Italian Vinitaly and the Spanish and Chinese governments. He has presented at the OIV 9th World Symposium on Viticulture and Oenology in China. Dr Lee is a Sake professional under the auspices of the Japanese Sake Education Council and has trained as a Whisky Ambassador in Scotland. Dr. Lee has taught WSET courses, close to a decade. He is an international wine lecturer, writer and critic, international Wine Judge and given wine lectures globally and wine courses in Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, France, Hungary Portugal, Italy and the US.