Here are a list of reading recommendations in the wine and hospitality industry that will help guide your career to the next steps.

This list is to start you on the path to learning more about wine. These suggestions are by no means exhaustive and are there as a catalyst to increase your appetite for wine knowledge.

Let your adventure begin…

Dr. Iwan Dietschi - Mastering Hospitality

We are proud to announce that we partnering with Dr. Iwan Dietschi, author of “Mastering Hospitality” to provide his book about the secrets of being an outstanding Hotelier. The book provides insight into the hotel industry and concrete steps you can take to drive your career and leadership in the hotel industry, including:

  • The role of the hotelier: the art of being a true host
  • The 8 leadership principles that determine your success and satisfaction
  • and more!

Read more about his book here.

Wine Reading Recommendations