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1B Views Globally

30 Day Engagement

6M accounts reached

193K accounts engaged


Audience: 64.5% Male

Audience Geography: 30% USA

Average Age

25-34 Years Old: 51%

35-44 Years Old: 21%

Numbers are updated on a regular basis.

Who is this for?

At APWASI, we are always looking for high quality brands from the Wine, Whiskey and Luxury goods industry to collaborate, and create content with for our audiences.

Wine Glass Client Case Study

Our recent collaboration with a wine accessories brand brought significant engagement and positive reactions to our promotional video. The partnership not only enhanced our content but also resonated well with our audience, leading to a high level of interaction. This successful collaboration underscores the potential benefits of partnering with APWASI for impactful brand exposure and audience engagement

Client Goals

The client aimed to build brand awareness across North America, targeting an audience deeply engaged in wine and etiquette to ensure meaningful interactions and sustained interest.

Our Solution

We created tailored videos that both educate and entertain, specifically designed to resonate with our audience’s deep interest in wine and etiquette. We incorporated specific messages that the brand wanted to highlight, ensuring that each piece of content effectively fostered engagement and expanded brand awareness in North America.

Video Performance

In 30 days, videos received:

  • 1M+ accounts reached
  • 15,000 reel interactions, which includes saves, comments, likes, shares
"Our collaboration with APWASI and Paşabahçe was fantastic. They paid attention to our requests, and we didn't encounter any issues regarding the sharing day, etc. They've increased our reach for our brand with over 1 Million views on the videos and we thank them for their efforts."
New TV Generation
Serra Çıtak

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Explore diverse partnership opportunities with APWASI for significant brand exposure, including features on our popular podcast, inclusion in our educational materials, and visibility across our social media and email campaigns. These platforms offer unique ways to connect your brand with a dedicated and informed audience, maximizing your outreach effectively.

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