Like their Riesling, with steely determination and the ability to take on what appears to be insurmountable odds the Germans excel in winemaking in their less than hospitable wine environment. The meandering Rhine River opens the steep curve hugging terrain with carpet like vineyards, hosting the elements to produce world class wines.

Indubitably, the Teutonic, never yield character has paid dividends as Germany can lay claim to having one the world’s most established and enduring wine styles. Often overshadowed by the iconic Rieslings, German Pinot Noir and Dornfelder grape varietals are not to be missed and comfortably occupy a converted space in the palate space of many wine experts. Across the German landscape we see the well- manicured vines, affectionately tended to with precision, systematically and methodically loved in true German fashion.

In the East we experience a local variety called Sylvaner, a white grape with subtleties of flavours rarely tasted by the average wine drinker, but highly treasured by experts. Learn, absorb and enjoy.

Know the different wine qualities and styles in this, one of the world’s most northerly wine producing countries. While German cars are considered to be engineering masterpieces, their wines are no less impressive and their reputation for excellence is certainly well deserved. Proust!

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