We are very proud to present in 2019 the introduction to our Aficionado Program. Hosted once a month, these programs are to warmly introduce the topic of wine to both enthusiasts and professionals seeking to explore, understand and appreciate the wines showcased.

These programs are 2 hours in length. They will cover the origins, different styles, viticulture and vinification of the wine. Naturally, we will be sharing the wine through conducted tastings, and in certain instances, with some pairings. The Aficionado Program is designed to introduce participants to the many styles of wine.

If you would like us to arrange a private session at a location of your choosing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It’s not all Port and Sherry in these premium wine producing regions. Portugal is home to the famous Vinho Verde and the Southern regions of the country offer delectable wines. We will see the South of Lisbon and understand the importance of the Douro River. To the East we have Spanish Rioja, heavily influenced with American oak and delicately matched with the Tempranillo of Navarra. Within the meseta we move to the South of Spain or to Rias Baixas in the West. With so many wines to choose from and endless combinations of food to pair with, join us as we re-discover the Iberian Peninsula.

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