Dr Lee is a global Wine & Etiquette personality with over 80 Million video views online. He is also a wine lecturer, speaker, judge with a Doctorate in Business Administration.

Dr. Lee has shared his knowledge as an international wine lecturer, writer and critic, international Wine Judge and given wine lectures globally and wine courses in Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, France, Hungary Portugal, Italy and the US.

His passion for wine and etiquette is shown through his videos as he talks to his audience and shares his experiences. His goal is to have wine and etiquette education have more cultural awareness, inclusiveness and diversity.


1. Cultural Influences on Wine Buying Behavior

Generations before Gen X are watching the world they grew up in disappear in front of their eyes while Gen X and beyond have no idea of what the future holds. 

Dr. Lee shines on new perspectives about factors important to Gen X and beyond when it comes to their buying triggers and expands on the important influence of culture, etiquette, and generational value approach, concerning wine and spirit products they ultimately decide upon. Its not all about price, hype, and point ratings any longer. These factors prepare to leave the esoteric realm.

2. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion is a hot topic around the world as many organizations try to embrace it. Are we able to further our understanding beyond organizations and put it into practice?

Dr. Lee shares his own experiences and his goal to share wine knowledge through the world that embraces cultural diversity. What makes wine more than just the grapes that are grown? But the people, the history, terroir, geography… There’s so much that is a part of the wine that barely touches the surface.

Through wine education, we can learn about culture and that is our goal.

3. Etiquette topics could include:

  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Table Manners;
  • Table Setting;
  • Restaurant Etiquette;
  • Business Dining Etiquette;
  • Business Etiquette;
  • Wine Selection & Etiquette;
  • Tipping Etiquette;
  • International Dining Etiquette;
  • Dinner Party Etiquette;
  • Toasts & Toasting;
  • Or any specific etiquette topic you have.

If you are interested in booking Dr. Lee as a keynote speaker, please send an email to marketing@apwasi.com.

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