Master the Art of Manners: Modern Day Etiquette for Any Situation

Dr. Lee’s Master the Art of Manners: Modern Day Etiquette for Any Situation was officially published on October 17, 2023. 

Dr. Clinton Lee presents readers with a fresh perspective on the rules of manners and etiquette and how it pertains to us in everyday societal situations. After becoming a social media sensation, Lee is now a trusted and approachable resource when it comes to the rules of etiquette. Now you can learn how to modify and update these skills for yourself and significantly improve your overall well-being.

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Etiquette has changed significantly throughout the years, and Dr. Lee provides not only a history of this evolution but the why, how, what, who, when and where factors that influence etiquette in the world today. He goes on to address a variety of scenarios and how to apply these newfound skills: picking up social cues and developing awareness, having meaningful conversations, listening to and valuing the opinions of others, tuning into the emotions of those around us, and more. He also includes helpful instruction on how to conduct ourselves when traveling and immersed in a new culture. Taking the traditional elements of etiquette, Lee provides updated, helpful advice for those looking for guidance in everyday life situations.


Beyond verbal and behavioral skills, Dr. Lee includes lessons on rules surrounding eating/drinking and other ways to present our best selves. He also takes us into the world of wine, spirits, and food, and how they apply to situations that require certain types of decorum.

This assortment of etiquette lessons is sure to be a helpful asset to readers looking to establish healthy relationships, improve their communication and social skills, and make positive changes in their lives.

Dr. Lee discusses his newest book: Master the Art of Manners

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