Creating Career Paths for Women through Wine Education

Across the world, there are a multitude of amazingly talented women in the wine and hospitality industry. They work tirelessly for their families and in many cases, they take on enormous daily challenges to support their families. They seek out opportunities to better themselves through education and self-improvement, but education and self-improvement have a high financial cost associated with them. This cost is a real barrier to improving the livelihood and future of their families and themselves. Without assistance many will continue in this never-ending cycle with limited chances, in silence. The chance to uplift their earning capacity, improve their opportunities to have a meaningful impact on their lives is only a distant dream, one that appears unreachable.  We know we can help and there is so much more we can do to create a real future for the less privileged across the world.

What if you helped?

Through the power of philanthropy that you hold in your hand, together we can change this. Your generosity will support critical areas that are needed to create practical opportunities, achieve sustained advancement, and make real tangible results.

Educational Scholarships. By thrusting forward the importance of education we will be able to offer fully sponsored certified educational scholarships. Possessing a strong educational background increases opportunities, financial levels are improved and prospects brighter.

Online Business Ownership (OBO). The recipients can become an APWASI ambassador and own their own income generating business to help themselves and others. By funding this program, we can offer the OBO program and improve our courses with the latest technologies. You will enable our experts to improve and innovate programs and courses in what is used to deliver more effective programs across the globe in wine and spirit programs.

Our Reach

We work with other non-profit organizations and individuals. There are many, primarily women and single mothers, who need an opportunity to improve the lives of their families and themselves. Reaching out is an enormous job. That’s why we rely on the generosity of donors to help ensure that women from all corners of the globe and everywhere in between have the chance to apply for our scholarships.


We believe that everyone, especially mothers, and their children deserve a chance to live a fulfilling life. We have all at one time or another in our lives been through difficult times and we were given a chance. By donating either financially your time or creating opportunities together we can make a real difference.

That’s where philanthropy comes in. Donations from people like you are the reason we can continually help improve the lives of those in need to the next level. Your support helps ensure we can offer educational scholarships and create opportunities that might not have been available.

Ways You Can Support

  • Donate an Educational Scholarship program with your name. Your name will also be listed on our website on our donor page. This will require a minimum donation every consecutive year for 3 years of $1 000 USD. We can assist you if there are certain criteria for any recipients to be eligible to apply for this scholarship you create.
  • Donate in memory. A gift in memory is a thoughtful way to celebrate and honour the life of a family member or a friend who has passed away. In lieu of flowers, a donation in memory of your loved one to support the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute Scholarship Project, which will be a legacy in a loved one’s name that will enhance the quality of life for many families, today and for years to come.
  • Donate to the Institute to apply to programs and operations.

For scholarship donations, please send an email to so that we can create the Scholarship in your name.