Steve Ng

APWASI Certified Wine Specialist (ACWS) – Cognac and brandy, Port, Sherry
APWASI Certified Professional – Old World Wine, New World Wine

Hello, I am professional wine educator. I am looking for great people who want to live a life full of adventure, culture, style, learn about different people through wine and spirits, specifically the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirits Institute. If you desire new horizons, hungry for knowledge, seeking fulfillment then contact me by email or phone only if you consider yourself to be the best. Let me tell you why I only to co-operate with the best.

My career has taken me across North America, Europe and Asia where I have had exciting career paths from frontline bar, restaurant and hotel management, wine education training  in the Hong Kong wine industry. The world has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, clients, tastes, students especially the speed of life has increased in pace where everything must be at your fingertips. It’s the NOW! Time.

That’s why I am extremely proud to be associated with the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute (APWASI) because their online courses give you all the accessibility at your convenience, your choice of venue and your timing. APWASI certification online courses is the NOW! knowledge of the wine world in this century and decade. It considers everything about the people, the way of life, their culture not just memorizing regions and in most cases names of places you cannot even pronounce. APWASI courses are all about knowledge and we all know, “knowledge is power and power gives you choices.”

If you believe in yourself, want to learn and earn, then now is the time! Now is your time! And now is the time to contact me at WhatsApp – 85297558734 or WeChat- mikiyjuylll
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