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Dr. Lee shows how to cut open a cigar.

How To Cut Open A Cigar

How To Cut Open A Cigar

How to Cut Open A Cigar

How you cut open a cigar can affect the overall smoking experience. First of all, there are different cuts that you can make to the cigar:

  • The Straight cut also known as the guillotine cut – a straight line cut across the head of the cigar.
  • The “V” Cut – that leaves a V shaped wedge cut in the center of the head area.
  • The Pierce – This leaves a singular hole punched through the head.
  • The Punch cut – This is a round sharpened metal tube that we rotate around on the head and then pull the center of the head out literally plucking a portion of the cigar head out.

The different cuts will impact the intensity and flavor of your cigar. Remember not to cut too deep because the wrapper leaf can come off or you will get loose tobacco into your mouth.

Types of Cigar Cutters

Now, you’ll need to purchase a cigar cutter and luckily there are many different options in the market out there. Here are some general options when it comes to cutting cigars. Choosing the right cigar cutter will impact your cut.

Guillotine – or the straight cutter, is the most common type of cigar cutter (also what you see in Dr. Lee’s video). Most are made of stainless steel blades. It can be used on most shapes or sizes of the cigar.

V-Cutter – or the wedge cutter gives a V-shape cut of the head of the cigar (second option in Dr. Lee’s video)

Punch – this creates a smaller hole at the end of your cigar to add concentration of flavor and intensity, hence a tighter draw.

Quick Tutorial On How To Make A Perfect Cut

  1. Locate the cap
  2. Position the blade cutter on the cigar cap, just a few millimeters from the end of the cap
  3.  Make a quick cut

Or watch Dr. Lee’s Youtube video.

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