You are currently viewing Interview with Recent Student of APWASI Wine Tasting Course Neely Dhanoa

Interview with Recent Student of APWASI Wine Tasting Course Neely Dhanoa

Interview with Recent Student of APWASI Wine Tasting Course: Neely Dhanoa

As the pandemic spread around the world, the year 2020 has been difficult and life-changing for many. With lockdowns and social distancing, many schools and institutions have had to pivot to online learning for their students. As a result, online courses have become very popular.

The pandemic also resulted in many lost jobs, hitting some industries, like hospitality, harder than others. APWASI, an online wine school, launched in April, 2020, to deliver online wine courses. Our goal is to provide the right education and practical skills to empower individuals to return the workforce equipped with the right knowledge and skill. Whether you are learning at leisure, or planning on taking this time to learn a new skill, like becoming a sommelier, learning online has become the means of doing so.

We sat down with a recent student of APWASI, Neely Dhanoa, who took APWASI’s Winery Tasting Room Course, a wine course for beginners, to learn more about her wine education experience, wine training and how it will impact the next steps of her career.

Can you tell me some of the challenges that you have faced in the hospitality industry during the pandemic?

Yes, I have been in hospitality for many years, namely Catering and Event Planning, which I absolutely love. Covid-19 has devastated this industry, resulting in so many of us losing our livelihoods and businesses are closing every day. I miss my colleagues, my friends, and clients. It is so sad as there is no where to go in the world that has not been hit with the virus; therefore my passion of travelling and experiencing new cultures and people’s cuisine is also at a standstill. The silver lining is that this time has given me an opportunity to learn new skills from making bread to learning all about wine!

What motivated you to take the introductory sommelier APWASI course?

I love learning and the chance to learn about wine in the comfort of my own home during Covid-19 has been perfect!

What did you enjoy most about the Winery Tasting Room Training Course?

The variety of information and how the course is broken into modules which you can complete at your own pace and dive into more learning as you go!

How has APWASI prepared you for the next steps of your career?

I have connected with my love of wine and spirits and am trying to build a new career. Taking this course has helped me to learn new skills and information so that I can feel confident and get a new role in this exciting world.

What will you be doing next in your career now that you are equipped with the skills from APWASI?

I am now looking for work in wine and spirits!

Do you have any tips for future students to succeed who want to take the course?

It is such a great way to learn the basics and beyond. The best thing is you can go at YOUR OWN PACE! It is clearly laid out and the quizzes at the end help to make sure you remember details as you progress. Just follow the lessons, watch the videos a couple of times, and have fun.

Neely Dhanoa

If you have any questions about taking an online APWASI wine course, feel free to send us an email at and we can help to discuss how to help you in the next steps of your career.