Wine Buzz Interview

Do you love wine and have always wondered about the story of how wine professionals started their careers? We did too. That’s why APWASI is excited to launch our newest Wine Buzz Interview series.

We’ll be learning about the personal stories of these wine professionals, what inspired them to start their career, their challenges and inspiration!

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or casual wine drinker, this wine series will sure inspire those who listen.

The series will be hosted by APWASI Executive Director, Dr. Clinton Lee.

Interview Series

Ep. 1 - How Businesses Get Creative with Changing Demands with Dr. Iwan Dietschi

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Ep. 2 - How Counterfeit Wines in China are Impacting the Market with Natalie Wang, Founder of Vino-Joy

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Ep. 3 - The Future of Romanian Wines with Marinela Ardelean

Ep. 4 - Wine, Media and Culture with Dr. Keith Herndon

Ep. 5 - Russ Mann, CEO of WineBid | The Future of Online Wine Auction Industry

Ep. 6 - Christelle Chene | The Future of China's Wines

Ep. 7 - Klaas De Jong | Wine Filmmaker and Cultural Entrepreneur

Ep. 8 - Sonal Holland | India's 1st Master of Wine

Ep. 9 - Amanda McCrossin | Wine Personality & Sommelier

Ep. 10 - Valentino Valentini | Mayor, Winemaker & Winery Owner