Dr. Lee will be your personal tour guide as he takes you to explore different cultures, etiquette, history of wines.

  • In the first month of its premiere, we will launch 100 videos in our library.
  • Every month after, we will add an additional 12 videos to the series.
  • Dr. Lee’s Exclusive Wine and food pairings
  • Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Secret Filming Locations

Why did we Start the Wine and Culture Series?

We live in a world comprised of 195 countries and an even greater number of cultures within those countries we each call home.

Increasingly, our lives become faster, and we do not take enough time to understand and learn about people. Its like we always say, we want to appreciate people and things around us to create a better-quality life for ourselves, but never do it.

Remember when you were visiting a country for the first time, and you saw how differently they acted and communicated with one another compared to the way you did? Connect with what others are now doing, learn about different cultures through wine and spirits. Embrace, expand, and explore.

Our Wine and Culture series swings the doors open for you to unveil the new brave world, business or purely social, knowing, understanding and being respectful of other cultures. It is the kind, courageous and intelligently compassionate thing to do.