I am a beginner in wine. I’ve never taken any wine courses before. How do I know if APWASI’s wine course is right for me?

At APWASI, we have wine courses available for every level. Our courses are easy to follow and supplemented with videos to enhance the learning experience. As a beginner, we suggest that you take the Wine Essentials 1 course to give you the foundation that you need.

We also have a FREE preview course that you can take to understand the general structure of our courses.

What is the estimated study time for the online wine courses?

Generally we suggest between 19-25 hours of studying for every course. This includes reading through the material, completing the quizzes and the final examination. However, there is no time limit for the online wine or spirit course. The most important is for you to enjoy this journey to indulge your curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

How long do I have to complete each online wine and spirit course?

We encourage you to complete this course within six months from registration. As the course recommendation is between 19-25 hours, a six-month period of completion is an exaggerated premium of time for you as we want you to do other more constructive things in life than procrastinate.

Who should take these online wine and spirit courses?

Our online wine courses are aimed at wine professionals and sommeliers currently in the industry, those who are intending to join the industry, and wine enthusiasts. However, no prior experience is necessary and beginners are all welcome to take the courses.

Those in retail, importing, exporting, distributing, and perhaps even producing. If you are in the hospitality industry, hotel, airline, cruise ship, high-medium end restaurants, these courses will give you a firm and unquestionable structure of wine and spirit knowledge to further your career.

Where can I study APWASI courses?

As our wine and spirit courses are all online and self-paced, you can take these courses at any time or place!

Why should you study with APWASI?

APWASI takes a practical approach in wine education. In addition to the practical wine skills and knowledge you require in your career, we also focus on the culture and the people of each country that the wine originates from.

We bring fresh beginnings with new education methods to match the new trends and embrace the plethora of learning styles. If you value the future as we state, “learning for the future” then we are your future.

How will APWASI’s Online Wine and Spirit Courses help me in my career?

Acquiring any knowledge is a true blessing in any culture. But, acquiring knowledge in an area and career you are avid about can have no effect other than a positive one. Our courses are practical, up-to-date, structured in a manner where it is easy to absorb information, flexible, accessible whenever you need it.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certification that is globally recognized. Your success will be recognized in the form of post-nominal letters that you are entitled to use. For example, upon successful completion of the Italian course Mr. Nice Guy can write: Mr. Nice Guy Certified Wine Professional Italy (APWASI)

Can I take the online wine course without actually tasting wine?

One cannot learn to swim without water and neither do we expect you to learn without tasting. We have at the end of each course a selection of wines we recommend you to try using the skills you have acquired. Through this method you can increase your practical wine tasting skills. Our courses allow you to evaluate the wines by understanding the “why” and “the how”.

I don’t know how to taste. How can I learn on my own?

The ability to taste wine is universal. The methodology to understanding wine and appreciating wine is not universal and that needs to be understood through concept, tasting and recording. You will learn the wine tasting skills in the Wine Essentials 1 course, which is a pre-requisite to any courses you select. Within this course lie the secrets to identifying, nosing and tasting wines and finally evaluate wines. It’s our pleasure to join you on this journey of adventure and bountiful knowledge. After taking this course you will learn and be able to taste wine with comfort.