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Suzi was the first to create a business revolving solely around wine region maps.

Inspired by a trip to Burgundy, France Suzi combined her background in geography with her love of wine, wine tasting, and travel to form her company Vinmaps. A master cartographer by trade, Suzi creates stunning wine region territory maps for the wine industry and enthusiasts alike. These distinctive and informative maps hang beautifully in any wine habitat connecting the wine lover to the wine in their glass, giving them a more full and authentic wine enjoyment experience.

A pioneer in wine cartography in the United States her work has blazed a trail for the world of wine maps. The Viticultural and Winery Atlas for the State of Washington was the first title that Suzi created, which she made available for sale via the Vinmaps website. Many other titles followed. From Red Mountain, WA, to Italy and France, her body of work has grown to over 40 maps.

A natural extension, her work is now playing out through “spirits maps” with new titles such as Kentucky Bourbon and Speyside Scotch being released, and many more distillery based titles planned.

Peruse the extensive collection available for your walls, or consider as a thoughtful gift by visiting www.vinmaps.com today!

Wine Maps


Winemasters.tv is an initiative of Farmhouse TV & Film. Farmhouse TV & Film is a motion picture and television production company focusing on public entertainment. Our production focus mainly lies in cultural affairs and topics close to the heart of Europeans, especially in the Netherlands, where our facility is located.

Our goal is to inspire a mood of optimism in the audience, to motivate people and to create natural, genuine entertainment. We favor projects with great entertainment value and ‘feel good’ characters. We produce films and television shows from beginning to end — from creating original ideas, scriptwriting and script development to the actual financial development, production and marketing.


Quini is a universal wine tasting and rating application. Quini is highly recommended for use every time you taste wine, to capture complete, detailed tasting notes. It is a quicker, fun method that enhances your experience and knowledge of wine. It allows you to build your taste profile and tasting notes portfolio to access and share with others at any time, to better support your career goals including job applications and interviews.


One part food, one dash travel, one part finance and a large splash of wine, Wine Sense demystifies the world of wine and answers questions that some wine drinkers are just too shy to ask. Introducing you to passionate winemakers, talented chefs, and regional experts, Wine Sense takes the pretension out of wine appreciation, helping you discover that food pairing doesn’t have to be a tricky subject, that some wine rules are meant to be broken, and that sometimes it makes sense to spend a few dollars more … or less.

Are you ready to take your wine knowledge to the next level? Then pour yourself a glass and let’s go!

Welcome to Wine Sense.
Making Wine Make Sense


Wine Spectator is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on wine and wine culture, and gives out ratings to certain types of wine. It publishes 15 issues per year with content that includes news, articles, profiles, and general entertainment pieces. Each issue also includes from 400 to more than 1,000 wine reviews, which consist of wine ratings and tasting notes. The publication also awards its 100 chosen top wineries each year with the Winery of the Year Awards.

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