You are currently viewing Congratulations on our first round of APWASI x BLACC Wine Scholarship Applicants

Congratulations on our first round of APWASI x BLACC Wine Scholarship Applicants

APWASI believes that all individuals should have the equal opportunity to receive a wine education to pursue a worthwhile career that they are passionate about. That’s why, APWASI is proud to announce the first round scholarship winners of the APWASI x BLACC Edition of the Wine Education Scholarship. We received numerous applications who shared stories of their wine journeys and we thank all those who applied.

We are happy to share some of the bios of applicants who were successful in this Scholarship round. All successful applicants received one APWASI online wine education course.

If you are a member of BLACC, make sure you stay tuned to the next round of application opportunities to apply here!

Wellington Muromba is a Sommelier and Owner at Legacy Wines. He curates specialized tasting experiences for private and corporate clients. Currently Wellington is the Chairman of the BLACC Cellar Club. He is passionate about leadership, inclusion and helping BLACC members gain knowledge and experience in the South African and world wine industry. Wellington believes the APWASI scholarship and education is a tool he can use to further his passion and work in the wine community.

Billet Magara is the Business to Business Sales Manager at Paserene Wines in Franschhoek. He is also the owner of Billet’s Fine Wine Hub. Billet’s accomplishments include working as a sommelier for some of South Africa’s top restaurants and acting as a wine judge for local competitions. Billet’s favorite quote, “being one of the best is my only available option”. Billet will use his APWASI scholarship to become an advocate for wine, spirits and food ensuring that everyone has an idea of what the culture is all about, as well as encourage responsible and educated consumers.

Brenda Karamba is originally from Zimbabwe, currently she is the Manager and Sommelier at Majeka House Restaurant in Stellenbosch. Her favorite quote, “The story of wine is not just in the sip we take. It is a journey starting in the soil and ending in a glass.” Brenda is excited about the APWASI scholarship because it will enable her to learn and share the knowledge she gains with her peers who can not afford the financial obligation that comes with studying.

Jennifer Malinga is owner of SJ Wines. SJ Wines is a premium brand subscription service that offers a selection of premium branded wines. Jennifer feels that the APWASI scholarship will help boost her confidence when sharing knowledge with customers and help her do better servicing and introducing wine products.

Tuanni Price is owner of Zuri Wine Tasting. She Is on a mission to make the complicated world of wine simple. Tuanni is on the board of BLACC and acts as the Director of Education. The APWASI scholarship will enable her to learn, share and lead by example as she encourages others in her wine community to further their education.

Winston Chipamuriwo Matthews is owner of In the Glass, a wine event company. Often regarded as a game changer, Winston’s intention is to make a unique and impactful impression for marginalized communities in the wine industry. He believes the APWASI scholarship and education will be a great addition and advantage to help with his work in the wine community.