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Long Awaited Youtube “Apwasi Channel” Has Arrived!

10 and counting. That is the number we have initially set up on Youtube under the title” APWASI CHANNEL”. Like wine, videos take time and the initial set,  long awaited and highly demanded by colleagues, students and fellow professionals has finally arrived.

We have new videos scheduled to be added to our channel every week. This is part of the “Wines across borders series” and every major wine making country is showcased. These videos are there to introduce the country and the treasures that lie in their vines and the priceless experiences you will enjoy when you taste their wine, as you are captivated by their culture and as their history envelopes you.

Do subscribe and in a few weeks we will be launching the “Education Series” that will highlight the spectacular regions of wine producing countries, distillation champions in the world of Whisky, brandy and of course our luxury courses will be brilliant. Delve into another world , expand your adventure and taste passion and taste the victory of life.