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Wine Buzz Podcast: iLoLa Tea – The Innovation of Tea

Welcome to our 2nd Wine Buzz Podcast episode where we dive into the world of tea, featuring Tim and Su Marie Hill, the founders of ILola Tea, a company that embodies the strength and growth symbolized by its Swahili name. The couple’s journey into the tea industry was born from necessity and resilience during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting a deep commitment to continuous growth and adaptation.

The Hills’ venture into the tea industry was driven by their desire to simplify the consumption of loose leaf tea while maintaining its traditional richness. They introduced an innovative product—the tea disc— which combines the convenience of tea bags with the health benefits and superior flavor of loose leaf tea. These tea discs are not just about convenience; they are a thoughtful fusion of probiotics and premium tea leaves, offering a holistic health experience to the consumer.

During their discussion, Tim and Su Marie shared their personal connection to the tea they produce and the intentional choices behind their brand. For instance, their decision to name their company Iola was deeply influenced by their South African roots and their personal journeys of growth and resilience. This personal touch extends to their product development, where they focus on crafting tea discs that simplify the brewing process without compromising the tea’s quality or health benefits.

“To grow strong is something that we continuously choose to do; it is not stagnant, it is not a one-time thing.” – Su Marie Hill

The Hills’ approach to tea is a reflection of their life philosophy—to make strong, deliberate choices that foster growth and strength, not just in business but in personal life as well. This philosophy is evident in how they navigated the transition from their previous business to founding Iola amidst the global pandemic. Their story is a testament to the power of reinvention and the importance of resilience.

Moreover, Tim and Su Marie’s creation of the tea disc is a direct response to consumer needs. They recognized a gap in the market for a product that offered the health benefits and flavor of loose leaf tea without the cumbersome preparation process. Their tea discs are crafted with care, ensuring that each cup of tea is both a healthful and delightful experience. This innovation not only addresses practical concerns around tea preparation but also elevates the daily ritual of tea drinking.

In their conversation, the Hills emphasized the importance of quality and authenticity in their products. ILola’s Tea discs are made from carefully selected ingredients that reflect the company’s commitment to health and wellness. This commitment is intertwined with their personal values and the cultural influences that shape their approach to business and life.

Tim and Su Marie Hill’s journey with ILola Tea is a compelling story of innovation, resilience, and passion for tea. Through their unique product and thoughtful brand philosophy, they invite consumers to experience the rich world of tea in a new and enriching way. Their story is not just about tea; it’s about building a business that reflects one’s values and adapts to the challenges and opportunities of the times.

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